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DOE/Fedloan contacting me to consolidate my loans

Started by jayjay, September 15, 2015, 03:29:51 pm

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I received a call from DOE in order to process an income-based program for my student loans with Navient.  They said they work with DOE and since I am in a public servicing industry, that I can be in their income based program for 120 months and after be forgiven for my loan in full.  They also said I would not go with Navient anymore and that consolidating my loans would be beneficial for me, making the APR lower and my payments lower if I happen to make enough income to pay my loan. 

My question...Is this a safe company?  Is it legit? Has anyone experience this or is currently with them to tell m how their experience has been?

Any information would be helpful, I'm not sure what to do, it sounds too good to be true!


I responded to your other question, but what is the real company's name? It's not Fedloans. It's likely Federated Loan Servicing, which is not associated with the Department of Education at all.

Remember, the Department of Education and FedLoans or Navient will NEVER call you - they will only contact you my mail or via the secure electronic messaging system on their website. Anyone claiming otherwise on the phone is a big red flag.


After my loans were in default, a company allowed me to pay a fee and then transferred me to FedLoan Servicing, which is legit. FedLoan consolidated my loans and I'm on an income-based repayment plan. I work for a public service agency and my loans will be forgiven after paying for 10 years. Company will ask you to submit an employment verification form for you to enroll in the loan forgiveness program. Make sure the company is FedLoan Servicing, website is myfedloan.org. Hope this helps.