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: Help in understanding my situation
: kt 17, 2018, 08:08:01
I am helping my daughter-in-law since she didn't receive a 1089-E for interest paid on her student loans in 2017. She consolidated her loans in Sept 2016, although she doesn't remember how or through whom, nor does she have any documentation on it.  In reviewing her records on nslds, prior to the consolidation, her loan contact was "Dept of Ed/Nelnet". Was the Dept of Ed her lender and Nelnet her servicer? With the consolidation, her payments went from $140/month to $70/month, with Pay as you earn becoming her payment plant. The Loan Contact now says Dept of Ed/FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA).  Since then, she has had almost $1,000 drafted from her account, but her loan balance has gone up almost $400 instead of being reduced by the payments.  The first withdrawals referenced "NSP EDU" with an account # for a few months, then EDU Student Loan with a different account #, then in the last 3 months EDU Student Loan with 2 different account #s, one of which matches the one on the immediately previous withdrawals but starting with MHF.  We have tallked to Nelnet, FedLoan, and Nslds, none of whom can explain why there is no interest form nor where the payments are going, and why the principal balance of the loans has increased $400.  Who do we contact to figure this out?  Is the Dept of Ed actually the lender?  She doesn't receive any monthly statements.  Please help!