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: FedLoans won't take me off REPAYE even though we file separately
: tdavis1981 04, 2020, 08:48:39
Here is my saga with FedLoans since October of 2019 (it is of note that my family size is my husband and I. He has no student loans. We are married filing separately, and I am on the PSLF program):

1. My IBR payment went up to $487 a month. Cannot afford this so I call FedLoans and rep advises me to switch to the REPAYE plan because my monthly payment would then be around $280. So I resubmit another repayment app. I always make sure to mark on the application that my husband and I file separately.
2. 30 days later, I have been placed on the REPAYE plan and my payment shoots up to $614, which is even worse. I call them back and rep tells me I need to be on the PAYE plan, since husband and I file separately. Then my payment will be lower. Also, I need to make some sort of "forbearance" payment in the meantime to switch payment plans and usually people pay $5.
3. 30 days later, I am still on the REPAYE plan. I was told by rep that I need to resubmit again for the PAYE plan and spends about 30 minutes on the phone with me assuring me that the current payment due for the month won't need to get paid and that will disappear once I am placed on the PAYE plan. She is confused why I am put on the REPAYE plan when clearly my husband and I file separately.
4. January 2020: They have again put me on the REPAYE plan and I am past due now on my payments.I speak with another rep who does an online application with me and shows me where I don't need to submit my husband's tax return or have him sign the application this time. It will process me as single and I will be good to go.
5. Today, I get a denial letter from FedLoan telling me that they are not processing my request to be on the PAYE plan because my income/family size has not changed. I am now stuck with a $614.55 payment here on out. This new payment is now added to my past due and I have a large payment now due.

Please help!
: Re: FedLoans won't take me off REPAYE even though we file separately
: TheCollegeInvestor 05, 2020, 10:46:31
I have a question - why don't you fill out the paperwork manually and send it certified mail? We recommend doing this for changing your repayment plan. You can select PAYE, and you can select you're doing it off-cycle to have an immediate change.

By sending it certified mail, you'll also have confirmed they received it.

This starts giving you a paper trail if they keep making mistakes.

If they fail to change your repayment plan based on that, you need to file a complaint with the ombudsman and move in that direction.