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: FedLoans Missed Months for PSLF
: Fringetree 13, 2021, 04:26:34
I am supposed to be over 6 1/2 years into the PSLF program. I looked through all of my qualifying payments, which should be every month since March of 2015. According to their breakdown page, I'm missing random months here and there. I didn't realize this until last month since I wrongly assumed (you know the saying) that since I paid, surely it was accounted for.  I know I paid on them. I've tried calling, which the wait time to get through was ridiculous. Took me two days of constantly being on hold and someone to finally call back and not "accidentally" disconnect. After all that, they couldn't answer why. So what's the point? I tried calling again to get someone else (same long process) and was told to wait. For what? For it to magically correct itself? They also didn't accept last years regular PSLF certification form and said I don't qualify to the temporary relief? Well, that form didn't exist last November of 2020 so why are they calling it that? That's not the form my employer signed off on. I think maybe they never processed that form until recently since those messages weren't in my inbox before this November of 2021. So not only do I have various, random payment months missing since 2016, last year still isn't accounted for. This is a mess and my anxiety is almost unbearable. I can't get any straight answers from Fed Loans. I guess it's just a bunch of underpaid, unqualified people answering these phones who could care less and my PSLF is a mess. I guess this is how the federal government will make up the months we didn't have to pay during Covid, by purposely making your stay in the program longer. The fed government sure does a great job scamming people who just want an education, and who didn't have mommy and daddy's help, nor a decent wage job(s)(I worked 3 jobs at one time) to pay for college up front while covering living costs. Meanwhile, my taxes can contribute to everyone getting off the hook with their loans. I regret going to college. I'm of the generation where you were encouraged to have that bachelor's degree and everything would be great.
: Re: FedLoans Missed Months for PSLF
: TheCollegeInvestor 13, 2021, 08:46:19
It's super stressful and I'm sorry. This is the whole purpose of Biden's recent PSLF announcements. They hired an outside consulting firm and are auditing all PSLF records. It will take a few months, but these issues should be resolved. Given that you're still 3 years away from forgiveness, you're not likely high on the list to review. They are starting with those who should have already had their loans forgiven (and they fixed 10,000 people last week alone).

If you're not seeing correct counts by June 2022, I would reach out to the ombudsman (
: Re: FedLoans Missed Months for PSLF
: Piggy68 08, 2021, 01:47:12
I completely understand your frustration. I am in the same boat. I have been in public service for 22 years and have been in repayment since 2007.  I only recently found out about the TEPSLF/PSLF when it was announced on the news in October 2021!!  I figured this as a "no brainer" as I calculated from memory at least 147 qualifying payments under the TEPSLF. I filed my applications and actually received the results fairly quickly...on December 3rd, I received the results that I only qualified for 74 payments. I dropped to my knees.  They (loan servicer) give you no real explanations when you try to call customer service for any help.  You can tell they are reading from a script.

I finally had pulled my total loan history from Federal Student Aid (former known as NDSLS) and it shows that information is completely missing for years from 2008-2013. The loan servicer at that time failed to report ANY of my student loans and they have since gone out of business. That is five (5) years of payments un-accounted for!!! 

I filed a complaint with FSA on the feedback website and also contacted the Ombudsman Office to start an investigation. I'm mortified that whomever is in charge of evaluating this stuff, just blew by the fact that someone's total loan history goes BLANK from 2005 to 2013 without any explanation and they don't follow up on it. The Ombudsman office had me fax to them my Federal Income Tax records 1098-E showing interest that was paid during that time showing I obviously was making payments during those years. It is my only evidence since ACH and bank records do not keep records beyond 7 years.

It will probably now be months before I get a re-evaluation. I'm not even concerned about receiving the overpayment. I just want to meet the 120 and be done with this whole thing. If anyone else has any tips or whom else I should reach out to, it would be appreciated.