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I got a notice in the mail from student loan division.  Opened up like a mailed check with perfererated edged. Had writing on it that said "secured document fines and imprisonment if anyone interfered with delivery of this". It had the rounded amount of my student loans on it with an eligibility code. Return address says  1133 westchester ave s-223, white plains ny 10604. I called and he asked general qualifying info like income, what I pay for loans now, etc. He explained the William ford act? I did give him my social. He also asked that i allow him into my fedloan account to see what my total debt and terms of repayment were which I did do. There are no bank accounts saved on there.  He hung up right after saying he had to talk to his supervisor that I should have consolidated the loans and fed loan never did that for me.  I called back 6 hours later and he was in a meeting. Person on the phone told me they were located in California. Now I'm nervous it's a scam and they have my social.