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I have a Heald loan that's in default I graduated in2002. Heard about Heald students getting their loans forgiven and even refunded so I went to the government website on loan forgiveness and ended up on a web site studentdocprocessing.com The lady who helped me Priscilla told me I definitely sound like the perfect candidate to have my loan forgiven and even refunded. They said pay them a $500 fee to have my claim to the department of education processed faster so I paid $500 they sent me a packet that I mailed to the department of education and told me to allow 13 weeks for them to review my claim and told me when they review my claim my paychecks cant be garnished and my taxes cant be intercepted. Its been 8 weeks my checks are still getting garnished and my taxes have been intercepted. I paid on jan 5 they said they would have sent my packet within 2 weeks to me which would have gave me 13 weeks before tax deadline april 18th. Instead I had to contact them on feb 22 because they took so long. All of a sudden feb 23. they sent my packet and I mailed it to department of defense but it was too late because I had to do my taxes before the 13 weeks they said I had to give the department of education to review it. Also just found out that loans in default which I told studentdocprocessing that I was aren't eligible for student loan forgiveness. Add this mistake to the long list of dumb things I've done starting with thinking going to Heald 2 weeks out of high school thinking I was getting a leg up and going to be the 93% of graduating students get a job within 6 months which was what they told me I wanted to go for business but Angela Dickinson who enrolled me and did my paperwork at Heald told me no that's not good take computer technolgy. Never got a job from Heald just a lifetime of debt and stress. Silly me..