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Thank you VERY much!! Your article was VERY helpful!! I'm glad I contacted you and found this before setting anything up with that company. I'm going to do it myself. THANK YOU! I'm glad someone out there is honest and willing to help others see through the bull.
Ok, here is the deal. My husband and I are currently making a $704 federal loan payment. We've been paying on it for roughly two years and feel as though we are not making any headway. It is my student loans not his and we are at the point where it is getting harder and harder to make the payments. I talked to a non-profit called studentloanrelief.us. They said it would be $46 a month added into my payment. They also said that they would get a smaller interest rate and payment based on my income not our married income. I'm 44 years old and the school I graduated from 5 years ago (Westwood) is no longer a college. I work at a school district as a paraprofessional and the non-profit said that they could also get some break for me because I am a "teacher" even though I am not technically a "teacher". Does any of this sound legit?