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I returned to college late in life and got a B. A. at age 50 and an M.Ed. at age 58. I consolidated my loans in 2004 with ACS, but Navient is now my loan provider.  I am on a graduated repayment plan but, now that I am over 70 and unable to get a job, it is becoming more difficult to make the payments.  I would like to get on a plan with lower payments and hoped to get help from Ameritech, but they do not do business in my state.  I completed an application form at studentloans.gov and allowed them access to our joint tax returns.  I got a message back that I was not qualified for an IBR and was asked if I wanted Navient to consider me for another plan with the lowest possible payment.  To be considered, my husband needs to sign the application.  Why is that?  He is concerned that if he does sign, he will somehow be liable for paying my student loan.  Is that possible?  I am the only one who signed on the original loan.  Both of us are retired and on social security, but my husband does have a small IRA that is dwindling rapidly.