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Thank you so much. Prior to posting this question I canceled my credit card and purchased protection against identity theft. Might have been extreme, but it felt very suspicious the more I read. He was very, very convincing and had all the right answers to questions. Naviant made me feel better and said they will not likely try to steal my identity, but just keep trying to sell me on the plan. It has been canceled and hopefully I will be free and clear. Thank you again for the advice. Much appreciated!
I assume this company is a scam, all the research I've done online is telling me if a company is offering you a student loan forgiveness plan and charging you, it's not legitimate. That these services are offered freely. I told this company that and tried to cancel my client agreement with them. While they agreed with this claim, their response was that they are a processing agency and that they have access to quickly and easily sign you up for every hardship program you can possibly qualify for. The company name is Student Optimum Services, they are offering to wipe out $34,000 of student loan debt, interest free, for a processing fee of $1,400, but a very low monthly payment thereafter. I qualify for low income, hardship programs, and other lower payments due to me paying for a loan in my moms name. It all sounds legitimate, but again the more I read online I've seen that any business charging for this is not operating illegally, just other false pretenses because you can do this all for yourself for free. They agreed to this, but said that it will take months, and that the Dept. Of Ed. won't go out of their way to get you qualified for everything this company will. Worth it? Not worth it?