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Student Loan Scams / Re: Integra Student Services?
September 18, 2016, 08:32:28 pm
Integra Student Services helped me with the consolidation of my loans as well getting me into an income based program in which my monthly payments were lowered from $325 to $103!!  Yes they charge a fee for their services ,$1314, but that is broken up into $39/mo. plus my student loan payment of $64, for the total of the $103.  I had 12 different loans which were consolidated into one single loan at a weighted average interest rate of all loans.  I am enrolled into the Revised Pay As You Earn program in which the government covers the interest for the first 3 years, as well as half the interest that accrues thereafter.  My $103 monthly payment is not based upon an interest rate because the income driven programs base your payment off of income and household size.  I was extremely satisfied with the way Integra handled my situation and provided excellent customer service.  All of my documents were submitted to the Department of Education and I received notice from Fedloan servicing once my consolidation was complete.  This is a very reputable company in which I will gladly refer them to family and friends looking to get help with their student loans!!!