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Quote from: MWgirl88 on March 13, 2019, 07:53:34 am
I'm a little apprehensive about this supposed student loan assistance company, National Document Experts.  They contacted me about the Navient law suit, which I didn't qualify to be a part of, and then proceeded to ask me questions about my other loans (I have many and large amounts).  They informed me that they can help me consolidate my loans and get me into a better program than I was currently in (I don't know much about the programs and have fought the DOE for a better repayment program, but they always want me to choose.  I don't know what program is better!  So NDE sounded really enticing. 

They stated they weren't affiliated with the DOE and that they would take a percentage of my first three months of repayment once they got me into a new program.  So that made me feel ok.  However, they told me that I would qualify for loan forgiveness after minimum payments and income re-certifications for 20 years and they asked for my FAFSA log in so they could look at my loans.  That made me a little uncomfortable.  Plus, when you search for them online, there's NOTHING about them.  They don't even show up as a business entity in California (where they're supposedly based).  Granted they could be a d/b/a.  They do have a very professional website and they've called now from the same phone number which is listed on their website. 

Now they're asking for my pay stubs and first two pages of my tax returns.  I just don't want to get scammed, but my loan payments are killing me, so if this is legit, I don't wanna pass this up.  Anyone else have an experience with them?

Did you ever find out anything? They called me yesterday and offered a great deal for loan forgiveness. It sounds too good to be true really. I'm worried it's a scam as well.