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Quote from: PeteOwens on March 26, 2018, 12:12:56 pmWOW "Papatom"...You're one of the bright ones aren't you? So even if Aidnest was outsourcing their business to another country what does that matter? Have you ever heard of Apple, CISCO, American Express, GE, Microsoft. Those are all companies that use outsourcing to run their businesses. I would give my credit card info to a bum sitting outside of HEB super market as I am protected by my credit card company. So... you should take your bitter and non-sense comments and use them for a better cause like to stop online bullying. You know.... People who like to hide behind their username to cause harm because they have nothing better to do with their lives. Honestly, this company has solved one of my greatest financial issues and I can't thank them enough. I DON'T CARE whether they operate out of  India, Philippines, Colombia, China, or Timbuktu.  Good for them!!

This company was just investigated due to fraud and no longer exists.

"According to the FTC, Tuan Doung, a recidivist scammer, admitted that he bilked $11 million from consumers who want to reduce their monthly payments for their student loan or obtain loan forgiveness.

He also admitted to violating the 2016 order against him, prompting the Commission to file a stipulated modified order for permanent injunction, monetary judgement, and compensatory contempt relief."