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General Discussion / Welcome! Read the Rules
October 02, 2015, 10:43:04 am
Welcome to The College Investor's Student Loan Debt Forums.

This is designed to be a place that anyone and everyone can find information and post questions about their finances - specifically their student loan debt, but in general, anything to do with money. I've always found it interesting how almost every aspect of money intersects, even when dealing with a subset of finance.

Our goal is to help people. We're a community. Yes, with any forum, 5% post, 20% comment, and 75% just read, but that's okay. Everyone is here to learn, read, understand, and teach.

The basic guiding rule of the forum is simple: treat everyone with respect.

With that being said, here are the basic rules of the forum:
- The Forums are a public place for registered users to discuss their own opinions, which are solely their own.  The College Investor LLC does not sanction anything that is said.  Only you are responsible for what you write, and if you write something offensive and not conducive to the owners of the site, we reserve the right to take things down.
- If anybody has an issue with a particular comment or thread, you can click the "Report Post" button, and an administrator will resolve the issue.
- If any organization or company has an issue with what is written about them or said, please contact us and we will look at addressing the issue if necessary.
- In order for you to comment on the forums, you must be of legal age. 18 or older in the United States of America.
- Advertising in the forums is prohibited and will be removed by one of the moderators. 
- Spamming is not allowed and will be removed by one of the moderators. Spamming the forums will result in a ban.
- Everybody who participates in the forum has the responsibility to educate new participants and protect the forums from undue harm.
- If you find your own content questionable, you probably shouldn't publish it.  Please feel free to ask for clarification first.
Before you go through with any type of company offering to help you with your student loans, please read through this checklist:

How To Tell If Your Company Is A Student Loan Scam

The guide will walk you through the most common scams, the typical words and phrases they use, and more.
Want to follow an interesting discussion on medical school student loan debt? Here's a great reader question and what to do with your loans:

Dealing With Medical School Debt
Student Loan Scams / FedLoan Class Action Lawsuit
July 23, 2015, 02:10:16 pm
I wanted to share this comment because a lot of readers have asked about contacting a lawyer.

If you've been mislead by FedLoan Servicing when it comes to your loan, and are considering a lawyer, this firm is looking for people who've specifically have issues with FedLoan.

Check out the comment here: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/157/fedloan-servicing-the-worst-student-loan-servicer/#comment-274479
Student loan forgiveness is one of the most popular topics on The College Investor. But we know it's confusing - so feel free to ask any questions you may have!

If you don't know where to start, make sure you check out these key articles on student loan forgiveness:

Top Student Loan Forgiveness Programs: This is the list of the top Federal student loan forgiveness programs. These are the best ones out there, so make sure you check if you qualify.

Secret Student Loan Forgiveness Programs: This is the list of student loan forgiveness programs that are part of the income-based repayment plans IBR and PAYE.

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs by State: This is a list of student loan repayment and assistance programs that are offered by individual states and organizations.