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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for advice on what to do with tax deferred retirement accounts from a previous employer.   Long story short, I'm 35 now.  I taught at a major east coast university for about two and a half years before deciding academia wasn't for me and going to grad school in my late 20s (I was an actor/musician before that, so needless to say, no investments from that time). I now work for a government agency with no intent to leave and I am invested in the federal TSP program for retirement which is presently in a lifecycle account and doing quite well.  Given my projected income, over the years, I anticipate being well taken care of by my various retirement investments from this job alone, despite not getting this job until my early 30s.   I'm also eligible for the public interest loan repayment program on my student loans (hopefully congress won't get rid of it in the next seven and a half years- fingers crossed!).  My real question is this: while at the university, I invested in the university's tax deferred retirement plan, essentially, a 401K.  Actually, when I signed up, the person helping us suggested splitting it between two separate companies, so I now have one account at vanguard and one at tiaa.   The vanguard account had more in it to begin with and has done quite well, all things considered; it now has about $15k in it.  The tiaa account was barely funded (I think I only put 20% of my total investment in it in the first place and, unlike the vanguard account, it did not receive the benefit of my employer match); it now has just shy of $1900 in it.  I'm curious what to do about these accounts.   I considered rolling them both over into the TSP but that makes me nervous for reasons I can't explain, although it certainly is an option.   Because they were both employer plans, I can't really contribute more to them since I no longer work for that employer and they are both kind of just sitting there doing their thing.   I've also considered leaving them separate from my tsp and putting them into more aggressive investment accounts available through the employer plan, but I'm not sure if that is a wise choice (both are presently in lifecycle funds).  Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with old employer retirement accounts?