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I am attempting to navigate the repayment of my student loans. I attended both an undergraduate and graduate school. I graduated, learning too late about the dire career possibilities in my field and not looking at student loans as something I would have to pay back. Now, I am learning from my mistakes and carelessness about taking out loans. I owe almost 140k in student loans. Currently, I am in an unrelated field (real estate and I also do freelance work). I am entirely 1099.
My husband (married after I finished) makes substantially more than me and although married, I do not want to put my student loan debt onto him. We have previously filed jointly, as he makes a good amount of money, and my tax deductions from self employment benefit him. I would not qualify for income based repayment with his income this year. Can I still file for income based repayment if we file separately? He will lose all of my benefits but otherwise we are facing close to 1600 a month in student loan payments. If I file separately, can I still qualify for income based, even though my income is not guaranteed being self employed basically?
My loans have until now been in forebearance, but I am ready to tackle them, whatever that means.