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I am on an IBR plan for my student loans, and recently am applying for a TPD discharge.  The 120-day forbearance went into effect in June, and has gone through my re-cert due date.  I receieved no letters or e-mails reminding me to re-cert (I think because of the forbearance) and only found out when I logged in to ask.   

I finished it over 24 hours before it was due and it was received hours before the deadline, but they claim I missed the "soft deadline" because of processing time or some stuff.   Not only that, but because I'm in forbearance, the application is "On hold" until there is a verdict, and they want me to contact them if my discharge was declined to have it processed  (the woman I talked to told me I didn't need to re-apply). 

The forbearance ends 11 days before the hard deadline, and no one answered what changes might happen with my IDR plan if it's still approved, or if the woman I talked to was lying.  I need professional opinions please, as well as knowing how much of my paycheck will be garnished if it has to go into default because the calculators I find won't go by PA 10% cap and fluctuating annual income from a 9-10 month only job.