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I have cosigned all loans for my son. Each time asking if after he is out of school, can the loans be consolidated. The answer has always been yes "if approved". Never had Discover told me that they can be consolidated but he MUST be able to do so without a cosigner.
After graduating he was turned down for consolidation (because of his low/no income)even with me as a cosigner.
In talking with their pleasant and helpful staff they directed me to the website, to show that he could not use a cosigner. Staff was not even able to find any indication of this. Where the ? is asked if a cosigner is needed (for consolidation) the following is Discover Student Loan response "Students may have the option to apply with a creditworthy cosigner. By applying with a creditworthy cosigner, you may receive a lower interest rate."
WE were unable to find anywhere that it states a consolidation loan MUST be achieved WITHOUUT a cosigner. WHAT ELSE HAVE THEY MISLED ME ON?