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Private Student Loans / Private Loans Drowning!
April 15, 2020, 04:51:54 pm
I graduated back in 2007. Grew up in an immigrant househould and was the first child to go to college. I was not educated about how to borrow money from companies so most of my loans are private. I've used all my forbearances cause that was the representatives solution for me until I could find a job that paid me enough to pay my student loans. I have a debt of 125k, live in New York and I am teacher at a charter school. I don't qualify for any loan forgiveness no matter how many years I've been teaching, I have medical debt, live in New York City and the only thing they can do is put me in some program where every 6 months the interest rate goes higher and I pay 100 bucks more until I reach the actual monthly payment. How do you pay for such high loans when one is not making six figures?!