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Student Loan Scams / Re: Kevin Mason Law Firm
May 24, 2018, 07:24:14 am
My name is Steve Hofer, I am a consumer attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have received complaints about Kevin Mason, GM Law Firm, and National Legal Staffing Support LLC from people located in multiple states.  If you have information, I would love to talk with you (no charge), and I will try to refer you to a NACA consumer lawyer in your state.  My policy is that I only take clients from Indiana. 

Steven Hofer
Consumer Law Office of Steve Hofer
8888 Keystone Crossing Suite 1300
Indianapolis In 46240
(317) 662-4529

(You can Google me to find out I am legit.  For a quick response, call me on the phone or fill out the intake form on my website listed above. I can't check this message board very often, and I don't want my email address spammed. Some states might consider this to be ATTORNEY ADVERTISING MATERIAL.)