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I currently have $23,474.56 in federal student loans with MOHELA. I currently work for Navy Federal Credit Union at the headquartes as an ISD analyst. About two months ago, I recieved something in the mail about a public forgiveness progam with a company called DocuPrep Center that also works with a company called Student Assist Plus. DocuPrep is a third party company that pretty much does all the papaer work for you to see if you qualify for studnt loan debt forgivness program. If you do qualify, they get you in the program and charges you a closing cost of two $399.00 payments. The student Assist Plus that cost almost $30 a month states that at the end of every year they will re- enter you into the program. They made me quickly agree to terms and sign online documents. Now, I am really questioning my decision to cancel due to everything I have been reading from other borrowers. I am only a month in but have already paid $399.00 once and while waiting for everything to process I am on forberance with MOHELA until everything is consolidated into to the program.

I confronted DocuPrep about canceling and heard of free options that I can do it on my own. However, his answer which scares me was "you can do it on your own but its not easy and usually at the end of every year students find themselves out the program without even knowing and paying higher monthly payments. Therefore, the other company Student Assist Plus makes sure your teaxes are done right at the end of the year at no risk free entered into the program again. Its like doing your taxes you can do it by yourself but most likely gonna mess it up."

My question is... Is it really that hard to skip the the thrid party and do it yourself? Or is it just a scare tactic so I can work with them and give them my money? Lastly, Should I run far away from docuPrep center and cancel? becasue I have been reading that if you feel like you have been scammed, most likly you are. Please help!


Jorge Del Rio