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Now that I am enrolled, the website they referred me to is called http://myfedloan.org/. They have the same address as the company on your list of loan servicers. I also read your post about how you got out by selling your car and using the money from the sale to pay off your debt. I too have a paid for vehicle and your case about car loan debt and student debt is compelling. I may look into that option as well.
Ok, here's an update. After a looooooot of digging and finally getting the phone call I needed, I found out that this company is actually called FedLoan Servicing. I read your post earlier about how you feel they are the worst student loan agency out there, so it must be just the way they operate. They are so terrible, that it literally feels like a scam, but it's legit lol. Unfortunately I read your post AFTER I already signed with them. Pray for me haha
I recently applied for a loan consolidation through the company FedLoanHelp.org. They claimed to be a non-profit organization that helps graduates pay off their college loans by reducing the amount owed on a monthly basis. The way it was explained to me, was they took my income, and if it fell below a certain level, then I would only be responsible for paying a portion of my loan amount, and the government would pay the rest each month. At my old company my monthly payments were $112.00 for 15 years. The new company claimed that my new payment would be $86 for 10 years. What concerns me, is they told me that it would take 6-8 weeks for the old loan to transfer over to the new loan. Once my paperwork was processed I was almost immediately charged $86 for the new loan, but my old loan was still active. I called them and asked about this, and their explanation was that their part of the loan was processed, but the other end was not. They told me to just go ahead and make one more payment of $112 to my old company, and by the next bill cycle everything should be rolled over. Well, the next bill cycle is here and I was charged another $86, and my old loan company says I'm 9 days past due on my $112 payment. I have messaged the company to see what was going on, and they told me that my loan should have rolled over weeks ago, and that they would call me once they found out what the deal is. That was almost 8 hours ago and no phone call. Please, has anyone out there used these people before?? Am I being scammed? They never asked for a fee of any kind so at first they seemed ok to me, but now I am concerned.