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Ask a Question / Question about goodbyeloans.com
August 16, 2017, 06:18:09 pm
I have a lot of loans from Argosy University and recently saw this article:

Of course this got my hopes up and my parents sent me a link to goodbyeloans.com. I got on the phone with a goodbyeloans loan counselor and after she processed my loan information and asked me 15 questions about my experience at Argosy, she said I was qualified for a "discharge" program for my student loans. This program, I was told, involved being set up with a caseworker. However, it requires over 900 dollars to process my loans.

Now, I have not committed to anything with this company since they asked for the money up front (red flag). Of course I have a long list of questions I will be asking them this Friday. However, I am wondering if there is anyone else on this forum that has had experience with goodbyeloans.com.

Also, are there legit, reputable and alternative (and preferably non-profit) companies that can help me pursue a possible forgiveness/discharge from my Argosy Loans? I have had better experience with non-profit loan companies and would rather deal with them over for-profit ones.

Thank you if you can provide me advice/input.