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General Discussion / Default d Student Loan
August 26, 2019, 03:42:27 am
I have an old defaulted student loan that I discovered was taking everything being paid going towards the interest and fees and no money going towards the principal. Every time I tried to speak to someone about this they were rude to me and told me that I either needed to pay several hundred dollars per month more or else make one lump sum payment to pay off my loan at one time. Neither of which I could afford. Except for daily phone calls harassing me for more money, I receive every once in a while a statement telling me I owe some outrageous sum of money that wildly fluctuates from on month to month from this company. I asked for, and finally received a copy of my student loan file. It had paperwork in it in which I agreed to make payments dating back to 1997 for an amount which was far less than what they are taking from me now. I never saw such paperwork, nor received any coupon book or any kind of information detailing where to send in those payments, etc. I would never have agreed to any of that because I was pregnant with my second child that year and would not have been able to keep up with those payments at that time. About three years ago I did make a deal to have extra money withdrawn from my checking account on a monthly basis consistently for one calendar year, in which my loan would get out of default and I could get on a payment plan and finally get everything back on track. But this was too good to be true. The loan company stopped taking money out of my account just short of the year, waited a couple of months, took out money for a few more months and then stopped altogether. No one informed me as to why they did this. Unless I can somehow come up with a lump sum payment I am apparently doomed. What kind of attorney do I need to help me handle this? I want to pay my loan but I have been paying for over 20 years and nothing has gone towards the principle. The loan company won't tell me what they he interest rate I am paying or fee rate or anything. I believe I am being scammed.