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General Discussion / Fraudulent Parent Plus Loan
December 28, 2019, 05:49:06 am
My son went to Peabody on a 3/4 scholarship.  He took out student loans for the remainder needed over the scholarship.  For one semester I agreed to a Parent Plus loan in writing of $8900. On his 4th year, he was granted the Stafford bill from my husband to cover excess over the scholarship.   My credit report and notices from Fed Loans indicates I have Parent Plus loans in excess of $120,000 to Peabody Conservatory.

I have asked for an investigation by loan forgiveness but they have denied it.  I did not agree to the loans I am being charged with.  Not only that, but just doing the math, it doesn't add up.  I am being charged for his entire college attendance as if he were not awarded a 4 year scholarship (he graduated in 4 yrs).  Is there a class action suit or attorney that wants to take this case?