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Hoping someone can make some suggestions on the best course of action.
NYU - Perkins Loans defaulted. I defaulted on all of my student loans because I was young and avoided the debt instead of researching my repayment options. I eventually did rehab all my Stafford loans in 1999 and have been paying on them, in forbearance or in deferment on these since. I still owe approx. 17K on those. I also have 2 defaulted perkins loans that were held by NYU then sold to ACS 2 years ago and again sold to Regional Adjustment Bureau this month. I got a call today from Regional adjustment Bureau. I took the call by did not agree that the debt was mine. I asked all communications be restricted to writing but I fear they will be calling me. My plan was always to pay off my stafford loans first and then deal with the Perkins. I have been paying off all my debts over the last 6 years and I am within 18 months of being debt free save for the perkins loan and the mortgage which is not in my name. I know I can rehab the loan but in doing so will I reage the loan and is that a negative. I am getting married next year and we had planned to take out a home equity loan next fall when I am debt free except for the student loans. Therefore, my credit score is a major consideration. I have excellent credit now but have spend the better part of the last 7 years living very lean, selling anything I can, driving an 11 years old car etc all to claw my way out of the crippling debt I was in. To be clear I never was able to work out a payment plan with the college because they were totally unreasonable-and I tried many times. I never made a lot of money and I am not avoiding the debt but was hoping to pay this off after the stafford loans were paid off and was really hoping to settle it for significantly less than what I owe.
Perkins $1500 & Perkins $3750 original loan amounts
Now told I owe over $22k
The statement I have from ACS $16,539 so they tacked on something significant as a fee no doubt
Looking for advice - Jenn