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So check out the guide, she may have the ability to get a very small loan payment (or nothing) and forgiveness at the end of the repayment term.
You didn't say how much she was making, but you could be on IBR and get forgiveness for it. See this guide for some tips on Student Loans for Expats.
The Biden waiver doesn't resolve the Extended Repayment Plan issue - Biden's waiver only fixes FFEL loan issues. TEPSLF (which is different and is a program that has been around about 3-4 years now) fixes wrong repayment plan issues, but you need to have the last 12 payments be qualifying. So if you haven't switched to a qualifying repayment plan, do it NOW! Then you can apply under TEPSLF.

Meanwhile, you did right by filing a request to get your payments counted from 2008-2013, but I don't think the Department of Education will move quickly on your application given you don't qualify under any program yet. But when you hit 12 months of qualifying payments, they should also have resolved the missing payments and you should get forgiveness.
I think it's important to dive in a little here - but also realize mistakes and errors do happen.

A few follow-up questions:
- Who was your loan servicer (then and now)
- What type of student loans did you have?
- Did you ever consolidate your student loans?
- What repayment plans have you been on?

For reference, PSLF requires 4 main criteria:
1. Direct Student Loans
2. Qualifying Repayment Plan (income-driven)
3. Qualitying Employment
4. Each of the above 3, certified via the employment/PSLF application form, done for all 120 qualifying payments

TEPSLF is a special program designed to help fix issues with wrong repayment plan only. To qualify, you can get wrong repayment plan payments to count, but you need to make sure you've been on a qualifying repayment plan for the last 12 payments.

Finally, Biden's waiver. This is a special review that lasts until October 2022 only, where you can get wrong loan type fixed. This applies to those who may have had FFEL or Perkins loans.
Your fear is correct - each loan is treated individually, and consolidation creates a new loan that eliminates the old loan.

So, your friend should simply fill out the PSLF certification forms. The old undergraduate loans are probably at the 120 payment mark (because Covid-19 forbearance counts to the PSLF payment count). Those loans will be wiped away.

Then the Master Degree loans will simply have their own PSLF count, and there's probably no reason to consolidate these loans anyway (why would you)?

The only caveat is repayment plan. Remember, PSLF requires:
1. Direct Loans
2. income-driven Repayment Plan
3. Certify your Employment
4. Do the above 3 things for 120 payments
First I would encourage you to read this: Student Loan Scams.

Second, it sounds like you're aware of the risks. Plus, you're paying $4,200 per year ($350 per month) to have this done for you - over 3 years is $12,600 - all for a "maybe" answer to your student loans. And that's assuming you only have this private loan - if this is a federal loan they are always collectible.

I don't know what your loan value is, but that doesn't sound like a good financial deal. Could you pay that to your student loans? If you have good credit, can you refinance?
I'm guessing it's your interest rate rebate. Did you change from electronic debit around that date?
Did you already apply for PSLF under the waiver with 120 payments certified of qualifying employment? If so, it does take time and they're working through it.
It's in the regulations for Direct Loans that you can only have one borrower (hence no joint loans). I'll have to look up the regulations, but it's been a problem for over a decade and it can only be fixed by Congress. However, there are sadly so few spousal consolidation loans left there isn't a lot of pressure to do this.
Ask a Question / Re: New to Repayment Plan
November 19, 2021, 11:08:28 am
Yes, you can always pay more if you want. And yes, if you're married and you file your taxes jointly, your combined AGI is used to calculate your monthly payment.
Ask a Question / Re: New to Repayment Plan
November 17, 2021, 09:08:21 am
Assuming the medical loan is private, you're making the right choice - pay it off first.

I would personally go income-driven repayment on your Federal loan, and then put everything extra towards the private loan. Then I would work on the Federal loan.

I don't know what your employment looks like, but you can also look at loan forgiveness programs for the Federal loan depending on where you work (such as a non-profit hospital).

See this guide to repayment plans.
General Discussion / Re: Student loan forgiveness
November 15, 2021, 07:34:54 am
That's kind of like asking if anyone's ever received a paycheck? The answer is yes. According to government data, over 10,000 people received loan forgiveness last week.

The question is what program are you looking at and what are you doing?

See this: The Complete List Of Student Loan Forgiveness Programs.
It's super stressful and I'm sorry. This is the whole purpose of Biden's recent PSLF announcements. They hired an outside consulting firm and are auditing all PSLF records. It will take a few months, but these issues should be resolved. Given that you're still 3 years away from forgiveness, you're not likely high on the list to review. They are starting with those who should have already had their loans forgiven (and they fixed 10,000 people last week alone).

If you're not seeing correct counts by June 2022, I would reach out to the ombudsman.
Student Loan Forgiveness / Re: SLF for Closing School
November 11, 2021, 08:36:53 am
Yes, look into Closed School discharge.
I would go through your credit card.