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Student Loan Scams / Re: Integra Student Services?
March 18, 2016, 08:10:05 pm
How concerned should I be that I gave him my FSA ID & social along with my husband's social?
My graduate student loans are through Great Lakes (mygreatlakes.org), so my first instinct is to say that this isn't a scam.  I didn't choose this company...they bought out my previous company, so my account info was transferred to them.  However, it is weird how there hasn't been any written correspondence...Have you gotten this figured out?
Student Loan Scams / Integra Student Services?
March 18, 2016, 07:36:45 pm
I was called by Integra Student Services today about lowering my student loan payments and/or PSLF (public student loan forgiveness program).  They did not contact me out of the blue as I had filled something out online several months ago requesting information about lowering my student loan payments.  However, I didn't go directly to their website.

I've been dodging their calls for months, but I decided to hear them out today just to see what they had to say.  The rep said that through them, I qualify for the 10-year repayment program because I'm in public service, and after the 10 years, I'll have the rest of my debt forgiven.  He quoted me lower payment amounts than I'm paying right now, saying that I qualify for the income-based repayment program though the studentloans.gov website, which I know is a legit repayment plan. 

Red flags:
1.  They charge a one-time fee of $1,314.
2.  They aren't listed on the BBB website.
3.  If they are just a document-preparer website and not a scam, how can they quote me lower monthly payments and promise loan forgiveness after 10 years?  They say I would be on the income-based repayment program for 120 months, then the rest of my debt would be forgiven, which is exactly what studentloans.gov says.  However, my monthly payment differs between the 2.  Red flag.

Does anyone know anything about this company?  I think this is a document-processing company who just wants to process my info for me when I can do it for free, but is this a scam?  I did give him my FSA ID and social only because I didn't sense any b.s., but now I feel like an idiot.  The website looks legit...http://integrastudentservices.com/index.html

Should I proceed?  Help!!!