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Quote from: DMEANR on July 31, 2017, 08:46:54 pm

I called to see what American docuprep offered besides what Danitee01 posted.  They said that they would be able to remove all of the department of education loans from My credit report as paid in full and pretty low payments. Can they do this?

They told me the same thing and said that my credit score would increase up to 5 points per loan when consolidated. My credit score has dropped 15 points.....it didn't go up! Seriously, it's a rip off! They're refunding my money after I threatened to report them to my credit card company as fraudulent billing.
Do not pay this company anything! They're out for your money. I've learned the hard way. Consolidating is free through the dept. of education
Student Loan Scams / American Docu Prep
October 16, 2017, 07:52:30 pm
New to the forum but I wanted everyone to know....DO NOT PAY A FEE TO HAVE YOUR FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS CONSOLIDATED!  I've just realized after dealing with the company referenced above, they will consolidate your loans AND charge you at least $700-$1000 or more to do this!  They promised higher credit scores after consolidation.  My credit score has dropped by at least 15 points!!! This company is only out to charge you $$$ for "processing fees". I've called the department of education to report them as well as the BBB. This is a poor business practice and a complete scam!  They are going to refund my $799 minus $5 fee after I threatened to report the transaction as fraudulent. Beware of these companies and deal directly with the department of education!