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ckbrand, you are being a little paranoid. I used National Document Experts to help me with my application and everything turned out exactly as they explained.

As a matter of fact, I hadn't logged into my FSA for years and they walked me through on how reset everything, with my permission of course! Nothing is done without your permission. Yes, I received the same email as you but as I stated I gave them my permission to do it. I didn't even know my loan statuses or my total debt but they helped me through all of it.

There is an application fee but any fees paid to any company that negotiates personal debt is help in an escrow account until the work is done and approved. Also, I was given 100% money back guarantee! So at anytime I was able to cancel if I wasn't satisfied.

Anyway, I didn't need to cancel because they helped me through a process I felt I couldn't do myself.

Thank you National Document Experts!