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Quote from: TheCollegeInvestor on September 06, 2019, 07:47:11 amI would take screenshots, keep your documentation, and file a complaint here: https://feedback.studentaid.ed.gov/s/?language=en_US

Thank you.  I finally got a straight answer that summed up to this:  Due to applying for a TPD discharge, they are unable to calculate the application until after there is a verdict.  Should my discharge be denied, I am to contact them ASAP and let them know so they can continue on the IBR request.  If I have any paperwork come in saying I owe any amount before the request is completed, I will be put on a 30 day forbearance while they complete the request.

I thank you for your advice, and I have kept screenshots, paperwork, and employee ID numbers just in case.

I contacted customer service today, and the man I spoke to said the reason for the late notice I am seeing is because the website is not up to date with the information they have.  They say they got my paperwork and they were working on it....but as soon as I looked up my account again, the status for the last form I handed in went from "recieved" to "You missed your re-cert date"  again.   I just don't know who to believe, and what to do besides taking screenshots of the rapid changes to hold onto in just in case.   
Edit:  The website said that I needed to hand it in so it would be completed by 9/23/19, and now the website says they will get back to me by 9/17/19 (they added a day?) Also, I had my e-mails from FedLoan set as not being spam, so if they did send something, it would be in my inbox. This leads me back to the question of weather or not the Forbearance is the reason I didn't recieve a message during this time, and if this happens regularly when a forbearance goes into effect around a re-cert date. 
Quote from: TheCollegeInvestor on August 31, 2019, 08:51:29 pmThey should send a letter if you opt for paper statements, or an eNotice if you have electronic statements. Is there anything in your FedLoan secure mailbox? Sometimes the email may go to spam and you need to check your secure mailbox on their website.

I went paperless so there is no physical mail, and I did not receive an e-mail telling me it was time to re-apply.  As you can see, the last letters I received from them was informing that my forbearance was going into effect.  There was no other notification.   
Quote from: TheCollegeInvestor on August 31, 2019, 07:56:17 amHave you already applied for TPD Discharge? If so, you won't go into default.

Second, there is no soft deadline. If you submitted it online, it's time stamped. And if they don't honor it, you file a complaint with the ombudsman. If you mailed it with proof of delivery, you have the proof.

Note: You only go into default after missing payments for over 320 days, so you really don't have to worry about wage garnishment in any circumstance unless there is missing information here.

I already did apply, yes.  And the deadline is where it gets weird.  Yes, I did submit it, and studentloans.gov sent an e-mail time stamped saying when they got it.  And yes, FedLoan sent a time stamp also saying they received it, over 16 hours before the deadline.  I went back on to do a second one, and there was this message now saying that it needed to be completed before 9/23/19.  So I did it, and again, I got time stamped e-mails from both organizations.  It's now back to received status, with the followup now being 9/16. 

I also would like to know if it's legal for them to not send any reminders that a persons re-cert is due?  I got nothing in the mail, nor e-mail, and if I didn't get the nagging feeling of asking, wouldn't have gotten it done when it did.  I never not recieve a letter from them telling me the re-cert day was coming up before, and outside of the TPD forbearance, I don't see why they didn't now.
I am on an IBR plan for my student loans, and recently am applying for a TPD discharge.  The 120-day forbearance went into effect in June, and has gone through my re-cert due date.  I receieved no letters or e-mails reminding me to re-cert (I think because of the forbearance) and only found out when I logged in to ask.   

I finished it over 24 hours before it was due and it was received hours before the deadline, but they claim I missed the "soft deadline" because of processing time or some stuff.   Not only that, but because I'm in forbearance, the application is "On hold" until there is a verdict, and they want me to contact them if my discharge was declined to have it processed  (the woman I talked to told me I didn't need to re-apply). 

The forbearance ends 11 days before the hard deadline, and no one answered what changes might happen with my IDR plan if it's still approved, or if the woman I talked to was lying.  I need professional opinions please, as well as knowing how much of my paycheck will be garnished if it has to go into default because the calculators I find won't go by PA 10% cap and fluctuating annual income from a 9-10 month only job.