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Student Loan Forgiveness / IBR qualifications
April 15, 2020, 06:48:10 am
Hi again!  I already got the answer from this forum that the standard repayment cap would apply for me even if my husband and I choose to file taxes jointly again.  Thank you!  My concern is that in my recertification letter it states that if I "no longer qualify" for a partial hardship/IBR my interest will be capitalized.  I thought that if I am on IBR I cannot be kicked off if my income no longer qualifies (it would not qualify if I file jointly).  Would it just be increased to the standard payment amount but still remain on IBR?  I'm nervous as I've heard others be kicked off when they shouldn't have.  I am close to PSLF and don't want to mess it up now but filing jointly might make more sense...
Ask a Question / IBR payment cap
January 24, 2020, 09:24:17 am
I have a question about the IBR payment cap.  I made the mistake a couple years ago of filing taxes jointly with my husband.  I was on ICR at the time.  They switched me to Repaye and wanted triple what I was used to paying and way more than even the standard payment would be. I couldn't afford it and ended up taking a forbearance.  I am a few years away from PSLF (hopefully).  We then filed separately and I got back on IBR.  My question is about the payment cap.  Since I am now on IBR, if we filed taxes jointly again would my payment be capped at what the standard payment would be like it says?  Or would the cap not apply to joint filers?  Since my salary increases a little every year I will eventually reach the point of the standard payment cap myself and don't want to unnecessarily take the tax penalty that is filing separately.  I'm planning on asking fed loan as well but I don't always feel I get the best answers.  Thank you!!!