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This forum is very helpful! I first wanted to just say thank you for this, and for being willing to allow us to ask questions. I have learned so much by going through the posts!

I am currently on an IBR repayment plan, and my payment amount has been $0 for the past few years. I send in my updated info every year as required, and made all minimum payments required before I applied for the IBR. My question is - how do I know for sure I am on the right payment plan to qualify for the loan forgivenes after 25 years? I read somewhere that someone has a $0 withdrawal come out of their account every month - but I do not have an auto withdrawal, because my current payment amount is $0 (and I cannot afford to put anything towards them at this time).

These are the types of loans I have, per the studentaid.gov website:

2 Consolidation Loans total owed $31,304
both are FFELP Consolidation

4 Subsidized Loans
2 are Direct Subsidized with total owed of $25,168
2 are FFELP Stafford Subsidized with $0 owed

5 Unsubsidized Loans
2 are Direct Unsubsidized with total amount owed of $42,915
3 are FFELP Stafford Unsubsidized with $0 owed

How can I be sure all are set up according to the correct IBR plan and my $0 payments are counting towards the 25 years until the balance is forgiven?

I am nervous because every year when I reapply, I am told they are both on the IBR plan, but I see this now when I log into the studentaid.gov website:

REPAYMENT PLAN :   Income-Based Repayment Plan (IBR)


(not sure who they are and why there is no repayment plan listed??) Used to be Navient, did this company maybe buy out Navient?)


Sorry for all of the info! I just dont know where I can check to make sure I am going to qualify for the loan forgiveness after 25 years under IBR. Not sure if I should contact the new servicer listed that I have never heard of, seeing how IBR is not listed as the payment plan? Also, has anyone ever heard of having them take $0 withdrawls out of their acct every month to allow those $0 payments to qualify for the forgiveness?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistanct you can provide, it is greatly appreciated!  :)