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Ask a Question / At a loss of what to do
January 24, 2021, 09:34:09 am
Hello everyone I have several student loans originating from 2007-2009 that were originally through Sallie mae and navigant I believe. Through my own poor choices I never made any real attempts to pay on them and they were acquired by the department of education. I recently checked credit karma and they are now listed as closed with a loan balance of 0 for total despite each individual loan still having not been paid. It no longer shows it as a strike against me apparently. I tried getting information from the department of educations Texas office number and was met with an automated response that I have 37000 in loans outstanding. Will this continue to accrue as they are apparently closed? Would it be worth attempting to tackle and possibly consolidate somehow into a single payment or should I go down this constant path of ignoring the debt? Is this just a temporary reprieve from the pandemic? It says the accounts were closed in February of 2019 but I swear I saw them open later than this.. I don't have anyone else to give advice on this which is why I came to you guys for some perspective. Thank you for reading God bless.