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Student Loan Scams / Alumni Advantages
August 12, 2022, 05:58:25 am
A company called Alumni Advantages does exactly what its company name is called, it takes advantage of you. They are a student loan debt consolidator. Watch out for them. Received a letter in the mail for me to call them with the "Final Notice" on top. I did provide them with my student aid password but realized shortly after what I had done when they reset my password and asked for my 2FA code. I reset the password and hung up right away. I never agreed to anything or received any forms. Please file complaint to the FTC with them. Although, judging by their poorly designed website I can only imagine they create a new company name/site/address every few months.

alumniadvantages <dot> com
(8662249410)1-866-224-9410 was the number listed on the letter in the mail.