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Understanding the "Repayment Estimator" tool

Started by Any1Worried?, January 04, 2017, 11:20:27 pm

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I have seen a couple links to the Federal Student Aid (F.S.A.) Repayment Estimator and would appreciate some discussion regarding some of the finer points brought out with the table generated under the following scenario : $250,000 @ 7%, M, filing Jointly, $50,000 Income.

Why would a I.B.R. have 230K+ where PAYE have just over 105K and yet a [REVISED] PAYE go up to 158K? Why is there such variability in these "income dependent" programs?  Why would anyone select these higher payment amounts?  In some cases the payments are higher monthly, last longer, and thus the total is higher.  What is so Revised about the PAYE when you are paying more under REPAYE excluding the joint income requirement as I am sticking with this scenario of $50,000 for income.  The choices appear to be many, and so are the traps?  Looking forward to the discussion.  Happy New Year!