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Equitable Acceptance/ Tech Knight LLC

Started by MaxWavy, January 04, 2017, 10:32:59 am

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I read your column about student loan scams to late, and I was trying to get out my current situation with a "document processing company" which initially stated that they worked with the Department of Education. I have not given them any money they were asking for my bank account information so I was wise enough to make one up but the biggest issue is a credit account on my credit report for $1,300 with the name Equitable Acceptance which I contacted, and they said that Tech Knight LLC does the student loans so I contacted them to cancel the pdf contract with initials. They also tried log-in to my fasfa account without my permission, and were locked out because I changed my passwords once I realized it was a scam, and the company false advertised who they are as well as what they do. I would really like to forget this nightmare even happened seeing that this account on my credit report  is harming my credit score with a maxed out account with a 100% utilization rate. Also I have contacted Department of Education & Great Lakes the company who my consolidated loan are
through. Any advice you have please let me know ASAP please. Also I have not given the company any money, and do not plan on it. I just want to get this off my credit report need advice.