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Am I being scammed by multiple collections?

Started by jortega2, January 09, 2017, 02:23:38 pm

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Hey there, I recently received letters from three different companies, (Navient, General Revenue Corporation, and one other company).  They all claimed that I owed Sallie Mae somewhere around $20,000 for two loans they claim I took out about 10 years ago.  Each company listed a different amount but all were above $20,000. I found a letter online to respond asking questions regarding when they bought the loan, how much I payed, what was the balance, if they are based in my city and state and if they have licenses to conduct business in my state.  The first two companies never sent anything back.  Navient was the most recent to send me a letter about the debt.  They responded to my letter with a copy of my original request for two loans through sallie mae from 2006 and 2007.  They did not respond to all of the questions I put down in the letter.  They didn't send me a promissary note that I would have signed.  All they sent was the amount they were requesting that I pay and my applications for those two loans.

My question is am I being scammed?  How can three collections agencies claim to own my debt?  Should I send them another letter requesting the remaining answers that were in my first letter.  The application to the loans that they sent me were less the amount they stated I owe in the letters they sent me.


Navient is a Federal loan servicing provider, but that doesn't mean they don't make errors. The real question is, did you take out these student loans? If yes, then they are probably trying to collect. If no, then I'd be concerned.

If you are looking to dispute the validity of the debt, you might consider consulting with a student loan debt lawyer.