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Did I make it out unscathed?

Started by dangermousetrap19, January 13, 2017, 01:11:42 pm

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Yesterday I received a call from a group claiming to be working with the Department of Education. I know very little about student loans, other than the fact that I'm paying what I need to pay each month and nobody is chasing me down for money. When the phone call mentioned lowering my interest rates and consolidating my debt under a "new law," I figured it sounded pretty good. Long story short, I'm not a smart man and I handed them over every ounce of my personal information (address, social security number, routing and bank account numbers, references, etc.), thinking they were the Dept. of Ed. All it would take is $800 for filing costs. Reasonable to me if it meant lowering everything else in the long term.

Turns out they are merely a document prep center. Problem is, I didn't find this forum until about ten minutes ago.

Luckily, they sent me some forms to fill out to set me up for forebearance and I started to get cold feet. A half hour on the internet sleuthing to see if this was actually legit led me here, where I realized I was getting screwed over. I immediately canceled the $800 payment plan I set up yesterday (luckily they hadn't charged me yet), deleted the forms they sent me, and am now in damage control mode.

Like I said, I'm not learned in the ways of the student loan info (though I'm going to be perusing this forum today to try to become more acquainted with how it all works). My question for you guys is, should I be worried about them selling my information to other companies or trying to fraud me in some way? What kinds of damage control should I be working on? Any help would be SUPER appreciated.


In general, there's not much you can do at this point except be vigilant. Monitor your credit with a free service like Credit Karma, and watch out for weird charges. That's about all you can do.