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Contacting MyEdDebt.gov?

Started by ispyce, March 05, 2017, 08:32:56 am

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I defaulted on my loans and set up a rehabilitation plan through myeddebt.gov. I've been making my monthly payments, but I went to sign in today to make my payment and the entire site is down for maintenance. I tried Googling a phone number for them, but there's nobody to call, no results showed up.

Does anybody know how I can call MED.gov so I can make my payment and not get flagged for not making payments?


It's a Sunday so you can't really call anyone. You should be able to access the site tomorrow.


I know I wouldn't be able to speak to a live representative, but I didn't know if they had an automated system or something. I'll check the site tomorrow, hopefully it'll be back up.