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Academic Aid Center - Legit?

Started by Sheazer217, April 12, 2017, 11:23:51 am

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I've been contacted by Academic Aid Center to discuss predator lending. There doesn't seem to much besides their website and Academy Doc Prep which is think is parent company? It just seems like there isn't much out there about them and I'm looking for anyone's dealings with them?


We recommend you read this article and look for red flags whenever you assess a company to work with: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/16429/is-your-student-loan-repayment-company-a-scam/


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I don't know for sure but here's my story, I hope it helps someone..

I've been contacted by them too for the same thing. They said i had a case to get my debt totally forgiven I just needed to pay $1600. But because I paid another company to consolidate my loan they would do it for $1000, and because I was in their system they were doing a special promotion for $899 and if I made one payment it would only be $799. I said I couldn't afford it but he still kept pressing it saying this was my only chance and if I didn't take it someone else would. He gave me 24 hours to decide in which I talked to my parents (not knowledgeable about this stuff) they said it sounded like a good idea, so I gave it a bit more thought and decided to call them back. I paid the $799 and he told me I had a guaranteed case from, all I needed to do was tell them what they said to me to get me enrolled and my complaints throughout along. He rushed me through the online documents not even giving me time to read them. I started getting nervous. He then transferred me to a woman to finalize and give me more information on the document I needed to sigh and fax in. She then told me about documents I would need to send in, as well as my statement. I didn't have any documentation.. All complaints I had made to the school had been in person.. I started to get more nervous.

The next couple days I started gathering the listed documents and reading over them, realizing then just how bad I had been scammed by stevens-henager. I was also rushed through that process and the signing of documents so I was unable to read them or even finish signing.. The school had verbally gone over the document with me, without me reading it, and had me sign the lines. Come to find out everything they verbally told me was a LIE and I understood finally why my complaints, as well as classmates, were dismissed and we were told they couldn't help. So now I was TERRIFIED! How was I going to win a claim based on what they told me when my signatures claimed I was fully aware? How could they tell me I had a good case?!

I started researching the company, finding nothing, then I found an article about how to avoid repayment company scams. And soo many points rang true, it was the article posted as a response. I was furious and so embarrassed at my self for being so desperate for help with my debt that I just paid $800 up front to a company for me to do all the work and not even be sure if they would do anything or that I even had a case. I called and after a few tries and transfers I spoke to someone who told me I had 3 days to request a refund and that I was already over that. I signed up @2'o clock pm June 29, and called them at almost 3 pm July 1. So by my math about 49 hours.... That's not 3 days, unless I'm still so upset I cant think straight... I was then transferred again after getting upset and this lady told me she would submit the request and I would receive a call Monday. So we will see what happens. I can't say for sure if its a scam or if I'd be pointlessly paying someone, but I do NOT trust them at all!!! 

Also reading the agreement I was rushed to sign it states they are signing me up for an income driven repayment plan, WHICH I'M ALREADY ON!!!! What have I done??       


I just signed up with Academic Aid Center because They said there are lawsuits against University of Phoenix. I have student debt from them. They say they can get my loans dismissed because UofP was fraudulent. I HOPE I'm not being scammed. I have heard of the lawsuits though. Anyone else have experience with this situation?


There is a process called Borrower Defense To Repayment which could potentially get your loans discharged in cases of fraud. While there might be lawsuits, unless you're suing them, that's separate from anything else.

Read this and understand the process: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/18752/understanding-borrower-defense-repayment/