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Student Loan Relief Solutions Corp.. scam?

Started by sjsharrow, April 21, 2017, 07:13:03 am

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So this number has been calling for a few days, not like obnoxiously, but at least once a day for the last week. I finally answered and it was a guy who said he was with the Student Loan Relief Solutions Corp calling to do my reevaluation for my Loan Forgiveness Program. So far, this sounded normal. Eventually he said he needed my FSA Id and password, told me that my payments could possibly be lower than what I am paying now and in order to do the reevaluation I had to provide my credit card info (as that is what I make my payments with currently and not through my bank account); because they said a hold would be placed on my current payment amounts and I would only have to do a payment of 99.99 for four months and then the reeval would confirm my income and whatnot to figure out my new payment amount. By this point I am sketchy, they sent me the documents, which looked familiar to me from when I first signed up for the Pay as You Earn Program. But now I am worried I was scammed, only because I can't remember doing this last year and he said it was a yearly re eval. Now I already completed my renewal with Navient and it was approved. So why did I have to go through this again? I just did the renewal through Navient in February. Any help to understand this (and what to do if I have been scammed) would be GREATLY appreciated.


It sounds like you worked with a third-party company and you need to assess what specifically you paid them for if you already certified your income with Navient. You do have to re-certify annually, but you can do it directly with your loan servicer.

Read this article, you might find it helpful: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/16429/is-your-student-loan-repayment-company-a-scam/


Yea I did recertify through Navient. And I think I just did it again through the 3rd party. They said 4 payments of $99.99 then my monthly payments should only be in the 50s, rather than 200.. But any idea how I can stop the 3rd party from charging my card again so I can just deal with Navient and no other party?


You need to read the documents about their cancellation policy.


I had the same situation with this same company "Student Loan Relief Solutions corp" . Now I'm at the point where I already payed the 4 installments of $99 and they haven't sent me any official documentation after I sent them my proof of income and all that. I try calling the numbers in the e-mail threads and it looks like they don't exist. Smells like a scam. At this point I'm gonna re-apply to the Pay As You Earn Program with Navient which i've been on for the last two years. Gonna Report this to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 855-411-2372 and File a Complaint at BBB.net
You should do the same! Maybe my bank can get me that money back if I report it as Fraud. Good Luck!