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Advantage Student Loan Consolidation Company

Started by tmott33, September 22, 2015, 10:30:25 am

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This consolidation company sent me a piece of mail and I called to investigate. Upon talking to them for a while, they determined my loans were personal and not federal. They referred me to a Knepper & Johanson law firm to eliminate my loans through Navient (formally Sallie Mae). This law firm requires 18 monthly payments of $688 ($12,4000) to eliminate my $30,500 in loans. Has anybody had any experience with this law firm or company? If this legit?


My girlfriend got a similar piece of mail yesterday. Same law firm in California.  Wondering the same thing you are. 


I wouldn't do it. The laws around this are very unclear (but not in your favor), and you'll likely end up paying a lot for nothing in the end. The law firm will try to get your loans dismissed, but will likely not succeed.

Your best bet with private loans is to refinance.