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Studentdocprocessing: scam?

Started by Jenstone, May 05, 2017, 04:06:19 pm

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Back story, I attended University of Phoenix and worked/earned my MBA.
At some point, when I thought my loans had been deferred (not forgiven) they went into default.
Worked pretty hard to get out of default.
But, some 12 years after finishing the program, I still owe around 30k.
With the recent issues that UoP as been hit with, I thought I might look to some loan forgiveness.
Had an outfit called Studentdocprocessing contact me.
It seemed to be legit until the loan verification part.
They asked me for my log in info for Student Aid, something I have never heard of.
They wanted me to create an account then give them the login info so they could check/verify my balance.
I am thinking this is just a clever way of hijacking an account and charging me for something.
Oh and they said the processing fee for their help would be around $700.00.
All of this seems a tad off.
Checking to see if anyone has any info concerning this company.


We don't provide opinions on companies, but check out this resource and decide for yourself: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/16429/is-your-student-loan-repayment-company-a-scam/