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United Legal Discharge

Started by lifeofafallenangel, May 31, 2017, 01:57:56 am

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I have been contacted by a group called United Legal Dischsrd in regards to my loans from when I attended the Art Institutes Online (in itself the school was a scam to say the least). They say for 700.00 approx they will assign me a case worker and a lawyer to review my case to get my loans discharged. I am worried this is a scam, anyone had any experience with this company? I would do this myself if I knew how, though they did say that in the matters of discharge legal representation is needed? They said they have a satisfaction gurantee and a 93% sucess rate with having AI students loans discharged. Please help I desperately want to believe this is true but in the back of my head I am worried of the saying if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.



I am on the phone with this company now.  Did you m ove forward with using them or did you stop ?  I have the same hesitations you have....it's just so damn hard to tell.


how did this go? They recently contacted me as well.


Is anyone familiar with National Student Loan Service Center out of NY?  They charge $700 to consolidate your loans. But it seems there are some additional services too.  Please let me know. Thank you!