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Assure Direct Services

Started by justinjjg, June 16, 2017, 12:27:05 am

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Has anyone heard of or gone with Assure Direct Services? Is it legit or just another scam?


Techincally not a "scam" because they did provide a service, but they mislead you into thinking you need the service.

It's like if someone said you need to pay someone to fill up your gas for you. So the person fills up with 70 octane, water filled gas because they don't care, and they charge you $700 to fill up.

I ended up losing $700 and having my loans under one horrible loan company based on all the reviews. I then cancelled the consolidation and stuck with my original service provider, Great Lakes.

You can consolidate your loans for free! Look it up.



So, I signed up for these services because they said they can get me into the loan forgiveness program.

Is there a way that I can do this for free?

I am nervous because they took a lot of my information and seem to be legit but are saying I don't have to pay anything for my student loans. I just don't know if I should trust them. My University told me that there is no way to have 100% of loans forgiven... So, I wonder what they are trying to do? Is it possible to do that?

They want me to pay $999 for the consolidation service and no payments on my loans, which will supposedly expire/be paid for by the government in 120 months. I have to allow them to track me and my income for the next 10 years in order to ensure that I am still eligible? But they also said I will be eligible no matter what. I don't understand how this works.

I'm having a hard time understanding the forgiveness program and how I could work with that. It would be a miracle if I didn't have to pay my loans back considering I am living in poverty.

Thank you for this forum. ❤


Did you read the article above? There are red flags you need to look for before working with any company.

Beyond that, yes, you can do it for free at StudentLoans.gov. Before you spend any money, spend 1 hour and educate yourself on your current loan situation, and what your options are.

As for 100% forgiveness, typically doesn't happen. The "best" plan is 10 years for public service employees, so you'll have to make 120 payments based on your income. If your income is low enough, maybe you're payments are $0, but that doesn't happen often.


Yes, this article is how I found you.

I don't know how to begin learning about the forgiveness program. My University basically said they don't do anything with it and it's up to us to figure it out.

Do you have any links or resources that are reliable?


StudentLoans.gov is the Department of Education's resource and it allows you to apply for income-driven repayment programs and more.

They have a great repayment estimator that will show you what plans you potentially qualify for: https://studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/mobile/repayment/repaymentEstimator.action

There is also nothing wrong with paying for help - just make sure you know what you're getting and follow up if you do. I personally think it's easy, but I also think filing taxes is easy. But even the government says it should take "on average 15 minutes" to apply for these programs.


this company is a scam flat out!! they manipulate you and make you think they are licensed in one way or another by the Government. I don't mind paying for a service that you can do on your own but I do mind being manipulated and being lied to. they made me feel like this was going to be my one and only chance to get into the program and I stupidly fell for it. I thankfully did my research the minute I got off the phone and realized how deceitful they were being.

you can go to www.studentloans.gov and do it for free

i got nothing against them charging for the service but I do mind when the people that represent the company are being manipulative.

assure direct services i believe is a scam


So I just fell for this made my first payment (of 3) two days ago, I received a call from them they wanted to change my rates.  I declined and now realizing that it was too good to be true told them to cancel. I gave them a lot of personal information, do I need to be concerned, I was told I would get a refund as I did not use their enrollment because they had to get me to approve the rate changes which I did not. Will I get the refund anyone else have this happen? I know that they are getting you to pay for something that is free now and that's sleezy, but is it a scam are they going to mess with my information or are they just a company that preys on the desperate and uninforme but still plays by the rules and now that I cancelled our business is over? Just super worried if anyone who has dealt with them knows please let me know