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Equitable Acceptance and MJCCSL CORP.

Started by Maggiemaehoo, October 13, 2017, 09:11:10 am

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So, I was contacted several times this year by a company offering Student Loan Forgiveness. I put them off the first few times they called. I did finally speak to them in June and ended up setting up a payment plan with them starting with a $150 down payment for services. The company is called Equitable Acceptance. When talking to friends and family about the program, they informed me of it being a possible scam. I have blocked any further payments to them from my bank account.
I am now receiving emails and texts from them about upcoming payments to them being due and they are listed on my credit history. When calling them to find out why I'm still receiving letters from my lenders, I am being told to contact MJCCSL Corporation. When contacting said company, the phone does not ring but goes straight to dead air and hangs up after a couple of minutes.

What can I do now, beyond just blocking them from taking money from my bank? I don't want it hurting my credit rating by not paying them but I also don't want to pay them money for them doing nothing they said they would do.


You need to read what their cancellation policy is.

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