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Private Student Loan Aid Center

Started by darlene548, October 26, 2015, 09:44:02 am

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I need help acquiring more information about the above subject private student loan service. Has anyone done business with them or heard of them? I can't find information on them except for direct access to their Website, privatestudentloanaidcenter.com. I'm concerned that they may be a scam service.  :-\


Never heard of them, but you likely don't need them. What are you look at doing? What do you need help with?


Do we need to check with our University before we use the credible.com website to see if they accept a certain private loan?


No, any university will accept private loans. However, go with Federal loans first to the max. If you really need more, ask yourself if it's worth it, or could you work or earn income instead to offset the cost.