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Student Loan Consolidation Program...scam? Help!!!

Started by normshtx16, November 07, 2017, 08:15:24 pm

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Guys, I really need advice on what to do. I received a letter from a company called Clarity Solutions Center stating that my student loans may be eligible for a consolidation with the US dept. of Education. I had realized while on the phone, that in fact they were not a US gov. agency, but would help me start my process. However, I was stupid enough to give them my bank info, to pay an initial process fee of $799.00. that will be deducted some time this month. I still have some paperwork to be done and send it to them, but at this point I just want to cancel everything, after reading similar posts. Help! What should I do? Sounds too good to be true! They told me, I would only pay $22.00/month for 120 months straight (10 years) and the rest would be forgiven. Has anybody heard of Clarity Solutions Center? Thx!!!


You never have to use a third party for help with your student loans - you can do it for free yourself at StudentLoans.gov.

If you want to use a third party, make sure you read this first: https://thecollegeinvestor.com/16429/is-your-student-loan-repayment-company-a-scam/


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I just called Clarity Solutions Center yesterday and I regret giving them my personal information too. They sent me a letter saying that a new law passed and that I should contact them before 'Feb 26 2018.' The letter also said I should contact them 'before the next scheduled date I need to pay off my school loan.' The letter looked authentic so I believed them.

However, I should of been skeptical. Like, what law exactly? Instead of giving out my personal information I should of asked them about their offer. I should of told them that I'm not ready to commit to any quick decisions regardless of how good the deal sounds. And tell them that I'm willing to take some time to consider the offer. When on the phone the CSC guy said, "where could you find a better deal?" He even asked me for two personal references. To me that question is odd coming from him. In my opinion, my school loans has nothing to do with others who know me, and my educational loan has nothing to do with Clarity Solutions altogether. I have a contract with the US department of Education so how could I believe that a random person is willing to pay off my debt?

Clarity Solutions asked me to create a new FSA ID oddly when I already had one. So much about them seems fishy. For one they inform their readers that they are not apart of the US Education Department. Yet I believe this subtle alert claim is a work of superficial honesty to hide an ulterior motive. I mean, if I don't want to give them any money being in debt already, and my loan provider doesn't want to lose money, how do they exist for any good purpose? I believe they are just an extra person reaching into pockets.

I went to the Federal Student Aid website and they already give information about loan scams and what people could do. I just put in a case and plan to inform my loan provider soon.

I hope your situation turns out okay. I hope our situation turns out okay.

Curse all those who scam the innocent. Wasted an hour of my time on the phone jeopardizing my future.


I am also afraid I just got scammed by this company. I e-signed some documents, but have not made my $699 payment or hand signed the required documents. I read through all the documents they sent me, and it seems they have a cancellation policy, apparently you can cancel at anytime prior to documents being prepared and fees being paid? This is the section about cancelling...

"8. Cancellation Policy. The Company's cancellation policy is designed to exceed state law requirements (for the Client's protection) and be easy to understand and invoke. Company provides to Client the right to cancel and terminate this Agreement and receive a refund of all monies deposited at any time prior to the completion and approval of the document preparation service, provided that approval is not withheld unreasonably. In addition, if you are unhappy or dissatisfied at any time prior to receiving and approving the documents and/or services described herein, simply send a signed letter or facsimile to the Company explaining your grievance, requesting a refund and the cancellation of your program. We will attempt to correct any issues that you have explained to your satisfaction, however if we are unable to do so, a refund will be issued within a reasonable period of time. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or write to us directly. All cancellation requests must be in writing, and signed by the Client. Please send these requests to 1100 Town & Country Drive, Suite 1250 Orange, CA 92869."

I am kicking myself for giving them my bank account info for the fee to be paid later this month. I'm wondering if I can just contact my bank and have them put a hold on anything coming from that company. I feel like such a moron! They seemed so legit and helpful, and had me go to the nslds.ed.gov website, and since it was a .gov url, I felt it was legit. Pretty much immediately after hanging up, I got a terrible feeling I made a huge mistake. I typed in their actual address into google and it pulled up the link to americanstudentloanforgiveness.com that has a TON of shitty feedback. So it seems to me, they just changed their name recently and are up to the same tricks of scamming poor people out of their money. On the BBB page they have no rating and say they have been in business less than 6 months.

I am normally so good at shutting anything fishy down immediately. Too good to be true... Ugh.I am contacting my bank and calling see about that cancellation policy. Please update me on your progress on your situation, and I'll do the same! Hopefully we can help each other back out of this mess and cleanly as possible.


any updates? I just got scammed by them too unfortunately =(( I didn't give them my bank account and routing # but they have my social security # and drivers license # now I'm scared they are going to steal my identity!!!! =((((


Hey all.  I posted this on another thread https://forums.thecollegeinvestor.com/index.php?topic=1508.0.  If that's not allowed I'm sure an admin will edit for me.

I also made the same mistake with Clarity Solutions Center a while back and feel like the biggest dummy ever.  I got all the way to the point where I had to sign things before I noticed, but I didn't sign anything.  I did on the other hand give them my ssn#, DL#, bank account, email, and some other personal information that I never should have.  That being said I have not had anything sketchy appear as of yet, but I did the following immediately after the event just in case:

  • Contacted my federal student loan provider and made them aware of what happened, and that I had given no consent to make any changes to my account

  • Closed the bank account that I gave them

  • Froze my credit with all three credit bureaus

  • Purchased an identity theft protection service

  • Contacted the social security administration and confirmed there have been no requests for a new card.  I have been doing this monthly.

  • Had a bit of a psychotic break.

It took me about a month or two to calm down, but I'm an anxious person as is.  Hope this information is comforting to someone.


Yesterday I also received a "final notice" in the mail. I recently moved and thought that the notice was regarding my address change and that i would need to contact studentloans.gov to verify my new address change because I forgot to do that in the past. I called the number provided and they asked for my ssn and DL# which i provided. They told me I could have a reduced monthly rate and it wasn't until after I emailed Clarity Solutions Center my loan information that I realized was talking to a third party. After i got transferred and a gentleman began telling me my options on potential new payments i quickly told him i was no longer interested in the program. He was nice about it and told me to call back whenever I was ready. I feel like such an idiot for not being aware of who I was talking with on the phone but just like everyone else is saying, Clarity Solutions seemed so legit from the letter in the mail to the representative I spoke with on the phone with. I called back probably 3 different times and spoke with three different people asking if my information was safe and they all said I had nothing to worry about and as soon as I canceled the loan consolidation process over the phone that they would have no more use for it but that they would keep it for 30 days in case i decided to complete the consolidation process. It gave me a little comfort how nice everyone was but at the same time I still could barely find any information on this business and am still worried about my personal information being at a business I know nothing about. I checked my credit report yesterday (I learned more about identity theft and credit reports yesterday than I have in my entire life) and plan on checking again in a couple of months to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. Have any of you experienced any breach of your identity since giving away your personal information to Clarity Solutions Center?