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Daughter's Loans Paid off, NAVIENT Now Sending Letters

Started by Phantom254, December 23, 2017, 06:31:31 am

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We paid our daughter's loans off more than a year ago. Now, my daughter is receiving letters from Navient stating that the U.S. Department of Education has approved her student loan consolidation, that her Loan Amount is over $60,000, and that she will soon receive her billing statement that includes a summary of her payment and instructions for making a payment.

Who are they and what is going on with this? How can they put a "loan" on someone like this?

Thank you.


We paid them all off through FedLoan Servicing and they list all the balances as $0.00. Is it possible that they didn't report to Federal Student Aid that they were paid off and now Navient is claiming to consolidate them?

I am trying to locate her FAFSA information to go there.

We thought the years of stressing over this was over. Ugh!


Very possible. It's also possible she was the victim of identity theft.

You need to pull your credit report, and then file a dispute about it. Read the article - it lists the steps to take.