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Anyone familiar with attorneys Jeff Lohman or David Mize?

Started by mskertic, January 21, 2018, 01:27:45 pm

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I work for Berkeley Research Group, a consulting company. We are doing some work for a law firm that wants to better understand the business practices of student loan debt consultants.  We are hoping to learn what sort of promises they make and client experiences with their services.

We are particularly interested in Score Inc., which is associated with attorney Jeffrey Lohman, and go2Finance, which is associated with attorney David Mize. My company is not working for Mr. Mize, Mr. Lohman or any third-party debt consultant.  We just want to learn about the experiences people who have student loans have had with these services.

I am happy to provide more information and to the best of my abilities answer any questions you may have. Just post here or PM me and to discuss.

-   Mark


If you give the forum a search they have been mentioned before.